My work centres on urban environments, spaces we, as individuals, encounter and experience in a unique way. We rarely stop to consider how the same space is seen by others, or how we, as individuals, form part of the urban experience. Our own routines, which we follow as predictably as the passing of time, in themselves make up the spaces we inhabit. We are, however, unaware of the nuances and patterns that we create, whether walking, driving, or the man-made environment we construct around us.

Metropolis was first and foremost designed to show the larger, collective patterns we form, based on the small individual actions of our everyday lives. Our actions have long-reaching effects over time. By means of abstraction and augmentation each work demonstrates how we are part of a larger, collective entity. Using this new digital representation, the familiar world we know, experience and contribute to as individuals becomes schematised into large patterns of movement and sounds, reflecting the unseen, collective mark we make on the spaces we inhabit.  

Special thanks to Hotel Café Royal (Regents Street)

Special thanks to The Ring Pub (Southwark)